How to Stop Furniture From Sliding on Hardwood Floors

How to Stop Furniture From Sliding on Hardwood Floors

“How to stop furniture from sliding on hardwood floors?” If you are asking this question, you are probably annoyed by furniture moving around. There are certain types of furniture, like chairs, that can slide on wooden flooring, and that’s ok. However, some items in your household should stay static.

Sliding Furniture

It is not only annoying but also dangerous and can be injurious if sofas or armchairs move when you try to sit on them. Or if your kids are pushing the coffee table around the living room while you try to enjoy a cup of tea with your friends. It is even more stressful if, while you are still sleeping in the morning, your bed moves when your Dogue de Bordeaux jumps on it.

Furniture felt pads are commonly used for chairs. However, felt floor protectors are not recommended on furniture that you want staying put in one place. The smooth surface of a wooden floor can cause even heavy furniture, such as the bed, to move when you lean on it or push it slightly. These can case the furniture legs to scratch your expensive flooring.

How can you stop headaches triggered by the noise from moving furniture? How can you get rid of the stress caused by scratched wooden flooring? How can you take a rest from continually repositioning furniture back to where it is supposed to be? Do you feel like you are losing the battle against sliding furniture? The solution can be as easy and as quick as taking paracetamol.

How to keep your furniture where it belongs and protect hardwood floors from scratches

If you have a beautiful hardwood floor and want to protect it from scratches and if you want the furniture to stay in place and not slide around, non-slip furniture pads are the option. There are different brands available on the market to choose from. It can be confusing to pick the right one for you with all the different options and sizes.

At SIMALA, we have put considerable thought into selecting the right bundle made from premium material. We wanted to make sure that our customers are 100% satisfied with their purchases. To provide the best quality products to our customers is our number one priority.

We have tested our non-slip pads not only on wooden or laminate flooring but also on tile and stone floors. The aim is to provide non-skid pads that will not only prevent your furniture from moving but will also provide strong enough glue and material that will not slip off easily.

We have come up with state-of-the-art furniture gripper pads that are of the highest level. SIMALA non-slip furniture pads are 6 mm thick. They have a 3 mm felt layer on top, making them more durable than other types of non-slip pads. SIMALA furniture pads are able to bear even massive furniture without getting compressed. They keep the furniture legs well off the floor, preventing the furniture leg from scratching it.

The non-slip 3 mm EVA layer provides the grip required to keep the furniture where you want it to be. The glue used is a heavy duty one with extra-strong adhesive effect. The superior glue ensures to keep SIMALA’s non-slip furniture pads on the furniture legs with no sticky residue, protecting your floor as well as keeping your furniture in place.

When you apply the non-skid pads, you need to remember to lift your furniture off the floor every time you want to move it. This can be difficult, especially with heavy or large pieces of furniture such as sofas or beds. For this, we have come up with another great solution to make your life easier. Reusable furniture sliders that can be temporarily positioned under all furniture legs will allow you to move your heavy furniture without any hassle.


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