How To Stop Your Furniture From Sliding Around Your Room With Non-Slip Pads

How To Stop Your Furniture From Sliding Around Your Room With Non-Slip Pads

You plan your living space and bring home furniture to fulfil your needs, wants and dreams. Most furniture can be bought selected pretty easily. But what happens when you end up with a ‘sliding’ issue? Sounds familiar?

You may find that when you sit back on your sofa, it slides backwards or to the side - knocking onto the wall, leaving scuffs on it or knocking onto furniture. Even though your kids may find it awesome to see your furniture sliding around (and they may even take a ride on your sliding furniture), this is perhaps not what you had in mind when you brought your furniture home. Even your pets may lose the battle against your furniture! You may raise your feet to place them on your ottoman but it may slip forward and your feet may simply hit the ground. So much for trying to relax! It can be frustrating when this happens more often than your thought. But, don’t lose it; it’s not the end of the world.

The problem of furniture slipping here and there can be solved easily by using non-slip furniture pads. There are many different types of anti-slip pads sold on the market but not all of them perform or perform for long. The ideal product is the one which stops your furniture from moving and also protects your floor from scratches.

There are different types of furniture pads available. It’s always interesting to learn about them one by one.


Furniture felt-pads are great for protecting your flooring from scratches. They decrease friction between the furniture leg and the floor which makes it easier to move furniture around. If you don’t want furniture like coffee tables, beds, ottomans and sofas from moving, this option is a no-no.

EVA Pads

EVA pads are made from a foam-like sheet that has anti-slip qualities. They are usually sold as self-adhesive pads in 3 to 6 mm in thickness. They are easy to install and the side that is in contact with the floor is either smooth or has ridges. Having ridges does not increase the anti-slip qualities of the pads as it compresses to become flat due to the weight of the furniture.

EVA pads are great for light-use applications like under office trays on your desks or under chopping boards on your kitchen countertop to stop these from sliding. However, they do not perform well on furniture like sofas, tables, ottomans and cabinets. Once applied, they seem to provide anti-slip benefits but these benefits don’t last for long due to the heaviness of such furniture! They get compressed very quickly and have the tendency to then break apart. You could regularly check the furniture legs and replace them as and when necessary, but what you actually need is a more durable solution.

EVA Felt Pads

EVA Furniture Felt Pads are your most perfect, durable solution when compared to the other options. They are great for hard surfaces like tile, laminate and hardwood and they consist of two layers. The bottom layer which is in contact with the floor is EVA and the top layer which is in contact with the furniture is felt. These felt pads come in self-adhesive options and hence can be stuck to furniture legs without a fuss. The felt layer provides the durability factor to the pad by serving as a slight cushion to the EVA layer, stopping it from getting squashed and breaking apart.

SIMALA are stockists of a wide variety of creative furniture pads. SIMALA non-slip pads come as a 24-piece pack that consists of 12 round and 12 square non-slip pads, both in 2-inch sizes. The furniture legs of furniture that you don't want moving around tend to be wider which is why the 2-inch size is provided in the pack. If you need smaller pads, the 2-inch square pads can be cut to the required size using sharp scissors. Easy results!

One factor to bear in mind is that since EVA felt pads stop your furniture from sliding, you won’t be able to push or slide your furniture even if you need to when cleaning or rearranging the setting of your furniture. In this case, you may wish to consider purchasing a pack of reusable felt sliders for moving furniture. These are simply placed under furniture legs to move them confidently and smoothly and are removed once the task is completed.

Check our site  here for a wide selection of furniture pads that will help you achieve what you want with your furniture. We at SIMALA are on a mission to provide you with the most affordable solutions to turn your house into a home. Get the products that best suit your needs. Stick them under your furniture and forget about your furniture worries.

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