Chair Leg Floor Protectors Furniture Felt Pads Beige and Brown Extra Large Sheets 30 x 21 cm Hardwood Floor Protector 5mm thick

Product Description

SIMALA Premium Extra Large Furniture Felt Pad Sheets 30 cm x 21 cm rectangle 

  • PREMIUM PROTECTION - 5mm thick felt pad sheets provide a thicker barrier between furniture and surface. Heavy-duty adhesive ensures that the felt pad remains firmly stuck on your furniture. Protects hardwood, laminate or tiled flooring, countertops, desks & tabletops from scratches & scuffs
  • MULTIPURPOSE FELT PAD SHEETS - The extra-large sheets can be easily cut with sharp scissors to custom shapes to fit your furniture, table & chair legs, lamps, Electrical items, & figurines.
  • FURNITURE / CHAIR GLIDES In addition to providing protection from scratches, your furniture will glide quietly and easily

Once your installer finishes laying your flooring you stand in the middle of your room and think wow this looks amazing. But as soon as you start moving your furniture into the room your flooring can get marred very easily. Table, chair, sofa, and other furniture legs are the main cause of scratches.

All that expense and before you can even enjoy the finished and furnished room you have scratches staring right back at you! Refinishing the flooring is a messy process and quite pricey too.

Furniture felt pads are a great solution to protect your flooring from scratches. They also have the added benefit of acting like sliders, allowing you to move your furniture easily which is ideal when cleaning or wanting to rearrange the layout of your furniture.

Felt quality

At 5mm thick our felt pads are the thickest on the market and have a density of 1000g/sqm; this specification will provide premium and durable protection. The glue used to affix the pad to furniture is heavy-duty to ensure it will stick well to the surface providing it is clean and dry. Once the glue has cured it will provide a heavy-duty bond.