Door Stop Heavy Duty Grey Door Wedges Door Stopper

Product Description
  • SIMALA door stoppers for hardwood, vinyl, tile, cement & carpet floors
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - Made from REACH certified odourless rubber which is durable, flexible and will not scratch or mar your lovely flooring nor will it slip or skid.
  • PRACTICLE DESIGN - With a 1 inch height these thick door stops with be suitable for most gaps & if not then two can be stacked together to give a 2 inch thickness. The overall dimension make these heavy duty stoppers.
  • COMPLIMENTARY holders with 3M adhesive can be stuck to door or wall to ensure you do not misplace the stoppers when not in use.

Now you can buy both door stoppers and door stopper holders in one purchase with this bundle.

The heavy duty door stoppers are made from odourless rubber and provide a 1inch wedge suitable for most gaps underneath doors. The sleek design allows you to stack the door stops to give a 2inch door wedge if you have a larger gap between you floor and door. They are suitable for all floor surfaces and will not mar your flooring like plastic door stoppers. They come with holders which you can stick behind your door, on your wall or in your store cupboard allowing you to always know where they are when not in use. Simply peel the backing and stick for an easy storage solution.

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