Furniture Felt Pads - Furniture Pads with Easy Screw Installation, Chair Leg Floor Protectors with 5mm Thick Felt are Ideal Floor Protector Pads

Product Description

Furniture felt pads - commercial grade floor protectors for chairs suitable for heavy use on chairs at home, office, food courts or restaurants. Chair leg pads protect floors from scratches & act as furniture sliders, making chairs easy to move.

Furniture pads made from high density felt which provides a 5mm thick protective barrier. Enclosed by a disc for a concealed screw fixing. Furniture will be raised off the ground by a total of 10mm.

Felt pads with premium quality screws. Correct length carbon steel screws provided (1.4cm) that are wax coated, have a course twin thread and thin shank for speed driving & to prevent wood split.

Chair leg floor protectors with easy installation. The premium quality screws allows you to effortlessly mount the felt glide to the furniture leg by using a PH#2 screwdriver. Using the wrong screwdriver will cam the screw head.

Floor protector pads that will last. You will not need to worry about the felt pads slipping or falling off as the concealed screw in solution provides a mounting to prevent this.

SIMALA furniture felt pads will help you say goodbye to the endless squealing and scraping of chairs along your hard flooring. Not only will the silence be golden but you will also get peace of mind knowing that these furniture pads will also protect your flooring from scuffs and scratches. The felt pads are really easy to install, simply screw into furniture feet. The chair leg floor protectors provide a thick protective scratch proof barrier between furniture & hard surface. You will not need to worry about these floor protector pads slipping or falling off as they are long lasting solution.

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