Furniture Pads Chair Leg Protectors 19mm Diameter Floor Protector Pads 5mm Thick Chair Feet Pads for Indoor & Outdoor Use

Product Description

  • Furniture Pads - 19mm Diameter Nail-in Nylon Glides. 5mm thick protection
  • Chair leg floor protectors for indoor use to protect hard surface flooring from furniture feet
  • Floor protector pads for outdoor use - save outdoor wooden furniture from rotting by raising it from we ground
  • Floor protectors for chairs - In Addition To Providing Protection From Scratches, Your Furniture Will Glide Quietly & Easily
  • Chair feet pads are easy to fit - Simply Tap in Using A Wooden Mallet (If Using a Hammer Tap In Gently) Ensure That You Strike the Centre of the Glide As An Inaccurate Blow Will Bend The Glide from Nail Mounting

Furniture feet nail-in glides are used as floor protectors to protect hard flooring from chair and table legs. These furniture pads can also be used on outdoor wooden furniture to protect furniture legs, like patio table and chairs, from soaking up water and becoming damp.

These furniture floor protectors are made from durable nylon plastic to provide lasting protection. 5mm thick protection barrier and 19mm in diameter, they are easy to install, simply tap in gently with a mallet. Allows furniture to glide easily. These nail-in feature will prevent these chair floor protectors from falling off or slipping.

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