Felt Floor Protector Pads

Furniture felt pads protect your hard surface flooring from scratches. You can find packs online in a vast array of shapes, sizes and thicknesses. Whilst these packs cover most needs, they sometimes do not have the size or shape of pads that you really need to provide a full anti-scratch barrier for your flooring. Large furniture felt sheets solve this problem as they allow you to cut shapes to the required size easily. If you need L-shaped pads, triangular pads or pads in strips, it is all possible with felt sheets.

You know it is very costly to install new hard flooring in your home; you don’t want to do it often. So, it is best to buy high-quality felt pads to avoid any chance of damage to your expensive flooring. When looking for furniture pads, it is best to pay attention to the following:

#1 Thickness

All felt pads compress with the weight of furniture. If you go for thick felt pads (like 5 mm in thickness), then even after compression, you are left with decent thickness compared to thinner pads which barely leave a durable, protective barrier.

#2 Density

The higher the density of the pads, the less they will compress, and the better the durability of the pads. Low-density pads have a density of less than 1000 GSM (grams per square metre).

#3 Adhesion

The last thing you want is to apply the felt pads and have them fall off straight away because of weak adhesion. You don’t want to keep using new pads often. Look for pads with heavy-duty adhesives that can bond strongly with your furniture. You’ll save time and effort and protect your flooring without worry.

Tips When Using Furniture Felt Sheets

There are two ways to cut floor protector pads.

The first is to cut them merely with a pair of scissors - in this case, just ensure that the scissors are sharp.

The second method is more suitable than the first when you need precision cuts. A ruler and a Stanley blade are used first to score the pads and then finally finished by cutting with scissors - again, ensure that the blade and scissors are sharp.

To ensure the correct size cut is made, it is best to place the object on the sheet and cut around. Or, you can measure the size of the cut, make a template of the cut by drawing on the adhesive side of the pad and then, cut.

When you are ready to apply the pads, ensure the surface under your furniture legs is clean and dry. This can be done using a blunt blade to scrape off any dirt and debris underneath, or you can use a cloth to wipe the surfaces clean.

Once applied, place the furniture felt side down (in contact with the floor) and leave for a few hours to allow the glue to cure fully.

As circles are more tricky to cut, SIMALA furniture felt sheet packs also contain a sheet of round pads. This is ideal if you require a few circular pads in addition to the felt sheets. The round pads are 1.5 in (51 mm) in diameter. Each pack contains 8 large rectangular sheets and 12 round pads and can be purchased in either beige or brown. SIMALA also stocks 10-packs which consist of 5 brown and 5 beige rectangular sheets to match the different coloured furniture or flooring in your home.

SIMALA furniture felt pads are exactly what you need. SIMALA’s felt pads allow your furniture to glide smoothly over your flooring, whether it is tile or wood. They are incredibly sticky - you won’t have to worry about them falling off!

They’re also highly durable and made to last - just fix and forget! These felt pads will take the brunt and your flooring won’t complain anymore!

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