Felt Pads & Their Different Uses

Different uses of felt furniture pads. If you have hardwood flooring in your home, you may be aware what are felt pads commonly used for. Those simple protection pads are made of polyester and are great for protecting your floor from furniture scratches. Hoverver, not many people are aware, that these magic sliders can be used for other purposes as well.

Common Use of Felt Furniture Pads

Most commonly felt furniture pads are used for the chair and table legs. Simala felt pads are of different colours to suit your furniture and the room, be it for dining room chairs or kitchen chairs.

Simala floor protectors are heavy duty therefore suitable for commercial use as well. They can be applied on bar stools, school, restaurant or office chairs and tables.

Popular Uses of Furniture Felt Pads

When you buy a multi furniture pads pack from Simala, you will quickly think of other uses for them. There will be plenty of pads of different sizes and shapes to be applied onto sofas, recliners, rocking chair, coffee table, desk, bed or chest of drawers. You can put them on furniture that are regularly moved or more static furniture.

If you like keep fit and you have some home exercising equipment around you can protect your hardwood surfaces by applying felt pads or felt strips on spin bike, rowing or any other cardio machine. Make sure to get the Simala non slip furniture pads for minimal movement and safer workout time.

Felt hardwood floor protectors are best suitable for wooden, laminate, vinyl, but also for tiles or granite flooring. Using Simala product that are 5mm thick will provide you with a piece of mind and the best protection from scratches for your flooring.

Less Common Uses for Felt Pads

Furniture pads can be used for lots of different things that you would not even think about.

Protect Your Walls From Stains

To protect walls from stains and marking from different furniture around your home is easy when using felt pads. You can stick suitable shape, mostly likely felt strip on the bed frame or headboard, chest of draws, side of the table touching the wall or even a picture frames. They will provide a soft cushioning and when the furniture get unintentionally moved and bump into wall it will not make loud noise and the paint on the wall will remain intact.

Felt Pads under Appliances

Place felt pads under different kitchen appliances. You can just peel and stick these felt sliders under dishwasher, washing machine or refrigerator. Wherever you need to move these heavy appliances to clean underneath and behind them, it will be fast and effortless. Just watch out for the connections in the back and slide them out. You don't need to worry about scratching or damaging your linoleum or tile kitchen flooring.

Felt Pads to Protect Wooden Hard Surfaces

If you have recently refurbished antique wooden furniture, it is never early enough to protect it from damage. Use Simala self adhesive furniture pads under decorative items such as ornaments, lamp base or vases.

Are you using lovely new mahogany desk? Place self stick felts under your laptop, PC, monitor or printer to relax while you work and protect your desc from scratches. You like to keep your high gloss TV stand looking like new for longer? Place Simala hard surfaces scratch savers on speakers and unde your TV.

Felt Pads to Reduce Noise in Your Home

If you have modern glass table top, stone kitchen worktop or fireplace mantelpiece, placing an glass or metal object can cause lots of noise. When putting down a glass bowl in a rush, it can not only be loud but you can even break it in a process. To avoid those loud noises coming from your kitchen you can place felt pads under heavy dishes, microwave, toaster or a plant pots.

The Rest of The Best Felt Pads Uses

You or your kids can have lots of fun doing art and craft. They can create easy to slide coasters, that will protect your coffee table. We have also something for chess lowers. Place small round felts under your chess pieces to enjoy your game.

If you are play an instrument, felt strips or rolls are the best solution when you need to re-felt your autoharp chord bar or piano. It is simple and affordable solution.

For a DIY lovers, Simala selection of felt furniture pads and straps can be used to stop doors from rattling either in the wind, or when other people shut doors within the same house. Applying the long felt rolls around your door will also help reducing the noise caused by door slamming.

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