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Furniture Accessories Supplier In London. Purchasing furniture for your home is exciting. A lot of time is spent deciding on what style of furniture would best suit your room, it's color. Then having to measure to esure it the size will fit well in the room. In addition to this time should be spent learning about how to protect your furniture from damage and to also protect your flooring from being scratched by furniture.

Furniture Pads

Once your new furniture is placed and set in the room there will times when it will need to moved. For example, when the room setting needs to be changed or when needing to clean behind the furniture. Moving furniture can be strenuous task especially when moving heavy furniture. 

Not only can it strenuous on your back it can also cause a strain on your furniture thereby weakening and loosening the joints. The loosening of the joints will occure more on modern furniture where the different pieces are assembled together using screws and non-traditional carpentry joints. All that time and money spent on choosing the right furniture and the furniture can becoming wobbly just becasue it was moved is not a good thing.

Furniture pads can be used to prevent your furniture legs becoming weak and wobbly. There are many different types you can use depending on the intended use.

How To Move Heavy Furniture On Carpet

Pushing or dragging heavy furniture can seem the only choice when it is heavy. This will marr your carpet and also damage your furniture by causing your furniture legs to become loose. To prevent this furniture sliders can be used to effortlessly move heavy furniture on carpet. The best furniture sliders for carpet are made from plastic and EVA foam. The plastic layer which is on contact with the carpet reduces friction and this is what makes it easier to move furniture. The EVA layer is what they furntiure leg sits on whilts moving. 

Hard Surface Furniture Slides

For hard surface flooring like, laminate, wood, vinyl or tile it is best to use felt sliders as they reduce friction and also prevent debris getting trapped underneath slider whilst moving which could scratch your floor. 

Sliding Heavy Furniture

For furniture on carpet or hard surface, it is very easy to use furniture sliders. The furniture simply needs to be tilted up and slider is placed under each furntiure leg or under each corner. The furniture can then be pushed in forward with a little downward pressure.

Felt Floor Protectors

Moving even light furniture like dinning chairs can cause scratches on your wood flooring. Felt pads can be used to protect hardwood floors from scratches. They can be purchased in self adhesive, screw-in, or nail-in varieties. The screw-in and nail-in varieties are more robust but all protect your flooring from scratches and also act as firniture glides for wood floors.

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