Furniture Floor Protectors

Furniture floor protectors save you floor from scratches. If they are made from felt then they also make it easy to move furniture around your room. This reduces the possibility of back strain and also reduce the chance of furniture legs becoming loose and damaged. In this post we will go through some common questions when considering which furniture floor protectors to go for.

What to put under furniture on hardwood floors

For furniture that will be moved around often like dining chairs, then the best option to go for is felt pads. The soft material prevent scratches and reduced friction makes it easier to move furniture.

For furniture that you do not want moving around, like dining tables, the best option is non-slip pads. They protect your flooring from scratches  and at the same time stop the furniture from moving easily.

Best felt pads for hardwood floors

From the many furniture pads available the felt furniture pads for hardwood floors perform well and from the felt variety the the best ones are the screw in floor protectors. what makes the screw in option the best furniture leg pads for hardwood floors is that once fitted they do not fall off. They are also the best furniture pads for laminate floors. You will have peace of mind knowing that they will not fall and cause the furniture legs to scratch your flooring. As the screw in option is permanent it makes then heavy duty felt pads for furniture, suitable for home, office, and restaurants.

How to install screw in felt pads

They are very simple to install simply centre the pad screw with screw. Make sure to use the correct screwdriver to avoid damaging the screw. The felt pads will not fall off and due to it's thickness, will last for very many years.

There may come a time when you need to remove felt pads from chair legs; you make need your chairs over carpet or may need to replace worn pads for new ones. Again, removal is very simple, just use the correct screwdriver to remove the screw.

View our screw in felt pads pack here. The diameter of the pads is 28MM which makes them the ideal size for most chairs and tables. 



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