How to Clean Engineered Wood Floor

How to clean engineered wood floor? It is essential to find out how to clean an engineered wood floor if you’re planning to install or you already have a new engineered wood floor in your home. It is a little more complicated to keep it intact than you may have thought. You don't want to take the risk of damaging your new floor using inappropriate cleaning techniques.

Don’t worry, folks, you don’t need a ‘cleanopedia’ for this. This quick guide will provide you with all the time-saving, expert tips and tricks you need to keep your new engineered wood floor looking amazing for longer.

How is Engineered Wood Made

Engineered wood is becoming more and more popular. It is also better for the environment as it uses 75% less slow-growing trees than solid hardwood flooring. 

Engineered wood floor is manufactured from fibres, particles or boards from fast-growing trees like birch or poplar. To make engineered wood flooring strong and durable, it is made in layers that are crisscrossed and glued together using heat and pressure. The high-quality engineered wood flooring is manufactured by using moisture and water-resistant glue.

The top and bottom layers of engineered wood flooring are made of real wood. The top layer comes in a vast variety of hardwood, patterns, finishes and grades. Therefore, you can have an affordable luxurious hardwood-looking floor.

Engineered Wood Floor Care Guide


The challenge is to keep your expensive looking flooring clean and spotless for longer. Having a wood floor is very hygienic; however, if it gets grubby, you can see all of it very quickly. On darker floor, you can spot hair or dust straightaway.

Writing about cleaning isn’t really our area of expertise; we aren’t cleaning professionals. But, we do know how best to protect your flooring.

Cleaning your flooring regularly may be intimidating, but it is essential. Dry-cleaning your engineered floor is better than wet cleaning. Use a soft extension to you hoover, so you don't scratch your engineered wood flooring - it could be as fast and effective as using a brush.

After hoovering, clean the floor with a damp cloth or mop. If you like, you can also use a cleaning product that is suitable for engineered wood flooring. Avoid using vinegar-based cleaning solutions including homemade ones. Also, do not use ammonia-based cleaners. If you use any cleaning product whatsoever, make sure to wipe the engineered floor with clean water to remove the product. 

Wet cleaning is not required after each sweeping of the floor. If you need to wet clean the engineered wood floor, it is recommended to use a microfibre cleaning cloth that attracts all the little particles of dust. If there is excessive water left on the floor, dry it as soon as possible.

Even though the glue that is used to stick engineered wood flooring together is moisture-resistant, steam cleaners or steam mops are not to be used on such flooring. It can not only cause discolouration of the top wooden layer but can also lead to swelling or warping.


Lighter colours of engineered wooden floor are more sensitive to scratches. Using a soft brush on your hoover will prevent the floor from getting scratched while being cleaned.

Ask guests to take their shoes off before entering and use rugs and doormats in high-traffic areas where scratches are most likely inevitable.

And last, but not least, use furniture pads to prevent your furniture from scratching your engineered wood floor. SIMALA provides a vast selection of self-adhesive, screw-on or nail-in felt pads for furniture like chairs that are regularly moved. They come in different sizes to fit any size of furniture legs. SIMALA  also stock non slip furniture pads that are best suitable for static furniture that you don't want to move or slide (such as tables, wardrobes or sofas).

If you need to temporarily move your static furnitures such as your bed, chest of drawers or sofas, you can use SIMALA furniture sliders. These sliders make moving furniture so much easier and will also keep your floor free from scratches.

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