How To Move Heavy Furniture On Carpet

How to move heavy furniture

When you get furniture such as wardrobes, beds or sofas for your home, you want to get good, sturdy furniture that will last for years to come. Good quality furniture can be somewhat heavy. And, when the furniture gets delivered to your home, from the store you purchased it, you don't need to worry about the heavy lifting. They even assemble it for you and position it in the place where you want it to go.

The Need to Move Your Furniture

Most people don't think about the need for moving their heavy furniture around their home. But some people just like a regular change. They are keen to reposition the furniture in their home to give the rooms a fresh look.

The other reason why you would want to move furniture around is to clean the dust and dirt behind and underneath it. It can get pretty dusty under sofas or beds if you regularly open the windows and live in a busy city, or if your neighbour is doing a renovation project at their property.

Why Removing Dust From Behind Furniture is Important

It is essential to keep your house free from dust especially if you or any member of your household suffers from allergies. Dust mites like to feed on dead skin, and their droppings cause irritation and allergic reactions for less tolerant people.

The best way to avoid the symptoms dust mites can cause is to keep your house free from dust. This can be done by regular vacuum cleaning and by having hypoallergenic bedding that is washed frequently. Hoovering the carpets and cleaning the floor around furniture is not an issue.

Not surprisingly, most dust particles settle behind beds, chests of drawers, sofas and wardrobes. Those are the places that most people do not clean often. The reason being the hassle of moving furniture. The home-cleaning task is usually performed by one person, so moving heavy furniture is even more difficult.

How to Move Heavy Furniture?

How can you move heavy furniture without damaging your back, the floor or the furniture itself?

Pushing or pulling furniture on hardwood flooring can scratch the flooring. Be careful if you’re trying to move a heavy piece of furniture on your own. It does not slide easily, and you can even cause harm to yourself.

On carpet, it is even more difficult. The resistance can be much higher depending on the type of carpet or rug you have. The more luxurious the carpet is and with longer hair, the more difficult it is to push your furniture around. Lifting it even with two people’s help is not too wise an option.

Even if your husband promised to move mountains for you, moving a sofa or a wardrobe is another story. And what if, after he helps with the rearrangement, you actually like it the way it was before? I’m sure you’d like it if there was an easier way to do all this furniture-shifting without risking his back.

The solution to this is to use furniture sliders to move heavy furniture and even large-sized furniture. The only thing you need to do is to position the sliders under the furniture feet. To do that you can tilt tall furniture and place the slider in the centre of the furniture leg.

You still need to be careful and take extra care, especially when you position the sliders. You may need to lift the legs of longer furniture, such as a bed, about 3 cm off the floor to position the sliders. However, once the sliders are on, moving the furniture becomes so much easier and simplified even if you don’t have a second pair of hands to help.

Furniture Sliders to Move Furniture

SIMALA provides different types of sliders depending on your floor surface. For hard surfaces such as hardwood or laminate flooring, it is best to use SIMALA’s heavy duty furniture felt sliders.

They are made of two layers. The soft quality felt that touches the surface will make sure your hardwood floor is protected from scratches. The felt layer also reduces the friction and aids in the sliding of the furniture. All this reduces the effort you need to put in.   

The second layer that the furniture legs rest on is made of EVA foam. This EVA material provides a non-slip grip that keeps the legs securely in place preventing them from moving off the furniture slide.  

If you have carpets, we recommend using SIMALA plastic furniture sliders. They are also made of two layers. The bottom layer that slides on carpets easily is made of HDPE plastic. The top layer that the furniture leg is positioned on is made of the same non-slip rubber EVA foam material as the felt slider mentioned above. View and purchase SIMALA furniture sliders here.

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