Furniture Sliders For Wood Floors

If you have ever attempted to move a table or an appliance, you know that it is a difficult job to do by yourself. You may consider dragging the furniture along the floor but this could damage the furniture legs and make them loose. Or, you might end up scratching and damaging your flooring.

If you find it a struggle to move furniture around in your room or you lack the help of another pair of hands, worry not! It is way simpler than you imagined. Furniture moving pads are the answer that will protect your floors. These pads allow you to glide your furniture easily and effortlessly, without damaging your flooring.

If you have smooth, hard surface flooring like hardwood, laminate, tile or vinyl, then EVA felt sliders are a must!

How to move heavy furniture on hardwood floor

EVA felt sliders are composed of two layers. The top layer is made of firm but spongy EVA and the bottom layer is made of high density felt. The sliders are placed under each leg of the furniture. Pretty simple, really -  you tilt up the furniture and place a felt slider under a leg, with the felt side in contact with the floor. You do this for all corners of your furniture. The furniture leg embeds into the EVA layer whilst the felt layer significantly reduces friction allowing you to then easily move the furniture around.

Furniture sliders for wood floors can be used in many different situations. You may be moving home or rearranging your furniture setting which is fun and can be done often to give the home a fresh new look. You may also need felt sliders when you’re replacing a washing machine or a fridge, when you need to clean behind furniture or when you’re just concerned about not straining your back. Furniture moving pads work great in all these situations.

For smooth, hard surfaces it is always best to use felt sliders instead of plastic sliders. Although plastic moving pads do work on hard flooring, they pose the risk of scratching your flooring if any dirt or debris gets between the plastic and the flooring. This risk is avoided when using felt sliders as any debris would not be able to get under the felt.

Another handy thing about felt sliders is that they are reusable. Once you have moved your furniture to the desired location, you can store them away - ready for the next time you need to move an object or furniture. They’re made to last. Just don’t forget where you store them!

If you need to move the same object of furniture on a daily basis, you can use adhesive felt sliders. These have a layer of double-sided adhesive on top of the EVA layer which allows you to stick the pads. The only downside is that once stuck and in place, they are no longer reusable.

Felt sliders for wood floors come in different sizes but round sliders with a diameter of 89mm are the most useful as they can be used under small furniture legs like those of chairs and also under wider furniture legs or feet like those of sofas. The felt sliders are also suitable for floor standing furniture with no legs although you may need to place an additional slider in the middle of the underside as well.

Once you use felt sliders, moving furniture on hardwood floor will become a breeze, you will wish you’d started using them sooner. They really make it easier to move furniture and without marring your floor.

Are you looking to purchase the best affordable felt sliders for your furniture? It is not easy to choose the best but SIMALA is a leading and trusted supplier of furniture sliders UK and floor protection products. SIMALA’s 4 pack 89 mm felt sliders have a 12 mm thick EVA layer which provides a good base for objects to embed into and a 4 mm thick felt layer. Purchase SIMALA's best furniture gliders here on this site with confidence. They are also suitable furniture sliders for laminate floors and sliders for moving heavy furniture and appliances on any smooth hard suraface.

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