Heavy Duty Felt Pads For Furniture

The flooring is the foundation of any home and let’s admit it, your furniture can act like KNIVES to your flooring. Furniture felt pads are a GENIUS solution for protecting your flooring from scratches and marring and every home needs a pack (or more) of these.

First of all, yes, these cheap little lifesavers are suitable for hardwood, laminate and tiled flooring and can be purchased in a variety of shapes. Secondly, these felt pads most commonly have a self-adhesive backing for easy and quick installation.

Felt furniture pads for hardwood floors work VERY well for the purpose they are intended: protecting your floors from furniture legs. But, if your chairs are in constant use, then you may wish to look for more durable solutions. If you require furniture pads for wood floors, for your busy home, restaurant or office then you will need a more heavy-duty solution to avoid the self-stick pads from falling off and your flooring getting damaged.

How to keep felt pads on chair legs

Screw in furniture pads are a robust solution to deactivate the destruction that often-used furniture like chairs and tables can cause to your flooring. A thin metal disc encloses the top of the thick felt to provide a strong grip. The disc and felt have a hole in the middle through which a screw is inserted and screwed into the furniture leg. The metal disc acts like a washer - once the screw is tightened, the felt pads are securely stuck with no possibility of them falling off as in the possible case of adhesive pads. As the screw goes through the hole in the felt, the fixing is concealed. You don’t have to worry about the screw head scratching your floor. These brave little felt pads will save your flooring!

If you’re looking to purchase perfect felt pads for your furniture, there are a few things to look out for. To ensure you purchase a high-quality product, look at the quality of the screw. This is often overlooked by suppliers but it is just as important as the felt disc itself. If the supplied screws are too long, a pilot hole would be required in order to avoid damaging the screw head. If the screw has a thick shank, it can possibly damage the furniture leg by splitting it. Make sure you pay attention to these points before you shell out your money.

Top tips to keep in mind:

1)  Measure the diameter of your furniture leg to ensure you purchase the furniture pads of the right size.

2) Determine the centre of the furniture leg base so that the furniture pads are not screwed in off centre. For square or rectangle legs, pencil diagonal lines from each corner and voila, you have the centre - where the lines meet. For round furniture legs pencil in a horizontal and a vertical line from the widest points on the circle and again, the centre is where the lines meet. Easy peasy!

3)The supplied screw will be either of pz or ph specification. Ensure that you use the correct screwdriver in order to prevent damage to the screw head. For example, if pz#2 (pozi 2) screws are supplied, use a pz#2 screwdriver only.

4) Most chairs are made using softwood. If you have chairs made from hardwood, you may require a pilot hole to be made first so that the screws can be installed easily.

Once the screw in floor protectors have been installed in your furniture, they provide dual functionality. Not only do they protect your flooring from scratches but they also act as furniture sliders. Let’s not forget that these felt pads can actually make moving your furniture a lot easier. The felt reduces friction and your furniture would simply glide over the floors with no possibility of the felt slipping away as it is fully secured with the screw.

Instead of mulling endlessly over whether a particular brand of felt pads would work well or not, simply choose SIMALA, the UK’s most popular choice when it comes to furniture pads. SIMALA screw-in felt pads are supplied in 24 mm and 28 mm diameters. The high-density 5 mm felt gives remarkable durability and the wax-coated, 1.58 cm length screw with a thin shank enables easy installation.

If you want to preserve the look of your flooring, visit here to view SIMALA's heavy duty felt pads for furniture. 

Just make sure you come back for more every time you bring home more furniture. Your floors deserve the care!

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