Furniture Pads For Laminate Floors

It is a great feeling when you have your home, or even just one room renovated. Having a new laminate flooring installed can completely change the look of any place. It feels clean, fresh and spotless. For sure, you want to keep this new laminate flooring looking this way for a long time.

The secret is to start protecting and maintaining your new laminate floor from day one. Do not waste time waiting to see how it goes. You must act now! Protect your new floor immediately; otherwise, you will regret it, and it is no fun at all.

If the floor gets scratched, you can repair it. And there is plenty of info available online on the lengthy procedures you’ve to take to get the repair work done. But, it is not only costly but also unnecessary, if you can prevent it with some simple steps. Better to be safe than sorry. If you follow our guide, you may only need to start thinking about repairing your laminated flooring five years down the line, not in five weeks!

What You Need to Do to Keep Your Laminate Floor Looking Great for Longer

Before you put any furniture on your newly installed laminate flooring, you must apply furniture pads. It is most important to put furniture pads underneath moving furniture such as chairs.

SIMALA Home provides furniture pads of different colours, sizes and shapes. This allows you to match the floor protectors with the colours, shapes and sizes of the furniture legs.

SIMALA felt pads have a thick 5 mm felt that will lift the chair legs off the floor, providing a soft cushion. Even under heavier loads, SIMALA furniture pads still effectively protect your laminate floor. This is because they have a 1000 gram/m² density.

SIMALA furniture pads are not fluffy like the cheaper alternatives. It takes thousands of repetitive furniture movements before you see SIMALA felt pads getting worn off and needing replacement.

At SIMALA, we also care about the environment! If you are keen on saving the planet, you would also appreciate the fact that all SIMALA furniture pads are made from 100% recycled polyester.

Depending on your DIY skills and the tools available, you can go for different types of SIMALA furniture protectors. There are self-adhesive pads, screw-in felt pads, or nail-in furniture felt pads.

Self Adhesive Furniture Pads

If you are not too keen on DIY, the self-adhesive furniture pads are the best solution for you. They are fast and easy to apply. You just need to peel them off and stick them to your furniture.

Make sure that you take some time to prepare the surface under the furniture legs. Clean it from dirt and dust and allow the surface to dry. Without touching the glue of the felt pad, apply it onto the furniture leg. You need to press the pad firmly, put the furniture with the legs on the floor and allow around three hours for the glue to cure before moving that furniture.

Screw-in Felt Pads

Screw-in furniture pads require a screwdriver and very minimal DIY skills. Make sure you have the right size of the screwdriver, so you do not damage the screw. Most of SIMALA screw-in felt pads require a PZ#2 (Pozi 2) size screwdriver.

You need to position the screw-in felt pad over the centre of the furniture leg base. Apply some pressure on the screw while screwing it in. If you have dense wood furniture, they may require pilot holes.

Nail-in Felt Pads

To install nail-in felt pads, also, you require minimal DIY skills and a wooden mallet. To start, you need to position the nail over the centre of the furniture base. Just tap in a SIMALA nail-in felt pad using the wooden mallet. Ensure to tap over the centre of the felt to avoid bending it.

If you don't have a wooden mallet, you can use a hammer. Just make sure to tap in gently and over the centre of the felt as well. A pilot hole may be required on dense wood furniture.

Where Can You Find SIMALA Furniture Floor Protectors

You can purchase here on this site. We also provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee and multiple purchase discounts.

We can almost hear your laminate floors crying, ‘Save me, save me!’. Protecting your laminate flooring from kids, pets, heels and furniture is no joke. But the least you can do is to make sure you get your laminate floor protectors soon to prevent your floor from getting scratched by at least your furniture.

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