How To Stop Your Rocking Chair Scratching Your Floor

You own a beautiful rocking chair that is perfect for relaxing in. The issue is that it scratches your floor and wears off the finish. Even the wood underneath the rockers can also wear off. Or, you may find the noise when the rocking chair hits the floor to be distracting. You can always place the rocking chair on a rug, but this isn’t the solution everyone seeks for. Worry not, there is another simple solution to protect your floors from getting scratched and to reduce the noise.

Self-adhesive furniture felt pads are a great way to protect all types of hard flooring like vinyl, laminate, tile and hardwood. They work by providing an anti-scratch protective barrier between the furniture and floor. The protection barrier can be between 2 and 5 mm in thickness.  

Felt pads have a tendency to compress with the weight of the furniture. It is, therefore, better to purchase thick ones as they provide protection by withstanding compression to a decent extent. The density of the felt is also important. The higher the density, the lesser the compression.

Self-adhesive furniture felt pads come in many different shapes and sizes. The type suitable for rocking chairs is furniture felt strip rolls. It is a long thin strip of felt packaged into a roll. The felt is durable and the adhesive is strong. As the felt strips can be stuck to the full length of the rocker, it provides full protection for the entire length of the rocker length that is in contact with the floor. They act as a soft barrier between the rocker and the floor. This protects your floor, your rocker and as an added bonus, this muffles the sound of wood rocking on wood.

Usually, when adhesive felt protectors are applied on chairs, they are placed with the contact side to the floor for a few hours to allow the glue to fully cure. With a rocking chair, the case is different. The parts of the rocking rails that curve up will not be in contact with the floor immediately after the felt is applied. To ensure the felt forms a good bond to these parts of the rocker rails, a top tip is to use some masking tape around the felt and rail whilst the glue cures. Once cured, the tape can be removed. There you go! That’s all there is to it. Just make sure you occasionally check and replace the felt pads as and when they get worn.

SIMALA furniture felt pads have a density of 1000 grams per square metre and a thickness of 5 mm. They are amongst the thickest and most dense pads in the market. In addition to this, the heavy duty self-stick adhesive makes this a premium and durable product.

SIMALA furniture felt strip rolls are sold in packs of 4. Each roll is 1.52 metres in length. So, that makes a total length of over 6 metres per pack. These can be purchased in either beige or brown colours. Not only are these packs ideal for furniture, like rocking chairs, but they are also perfect for floor-standing furniture like drawers and cabinets. As they can be cut to any size, they can even be used for chairs and tables.

You can browse furniture strip rolls here on this site or visit our Amazon storefront at for the latest and most exclusive deals.

No more scratches! No more noise!

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