Moving Furniture Easily Over Carpeted Surfaces With Furniture Sliders

Do you want to move your furniture around to change the look of a room? Or perhaps, to check wires or to clean behind or underneath the furniture?

Dragging furniture over carpeted surfaces can mar your carpet, and you’ll end up with lines all over the carpet which wear down more than the rest of the carpet. In addition to marring, moving impossibly heavy furniture on carpet can shift your carpet away from one end of the room and push it toward the opposite end. This can result in a gap between the carpet and the skirting board on one end and an excess bulge of the carpet on the other end. No need to worry! These problems can be smartly avoided with the use of furniture sliders for carpets and rugs.

What are furniture sliders

Furniture sliders are designed to make it easy to move furniture like tables, sofas, beds and cabinets, even those with legs of strange shapes. They are ideal when you lack a helping pair of hands to aid you in lifting and moving furniture. Using furniture sliders also protect carpets from slipping and getting damaged and carpet dents.

Furniture sliders for carpets act like moving pads by reducing the friction between the carpet and the furniture legs. The sliders are composed of two layers. The first layer is smooth plastic which is curved up at the edges. This is the layer which gets in contact with the carpet, its smoothness reduces the friction. The second layer is firm EVA foam, this is the top layer upon which the furniture feet sit on. The EVA acts like a cushion allowing the furniture feet to embed and grip into it.

How to use furniture sliders

Plastic furniture sliders are very simple to use. Each corner of the furniture is lifted up, and a plastic moving pad is placed under each of the furniture legs. The furniture can then be pushed to the desired location, and after completing the move, the sliders can be removed.


Furniture sliders are most commonly round with a size range between 25 mm and 89 mm. Rectangular shapes are less common than other shapes. If the primary need for using the pads is to move furniture from one location to another, it is best to go for a larger size like 89 mm. This size is big enough to hold most furniture feet legs found in any home, but more importantly, they provide a larger surface area of reduced friction when gliding and sliding the furniture.

Benefits of furniture sliders

1# Take the strain off your back

Even with a helping pair of hands, the weight of heavy furniture can make it very challenging to lift and manoeuver them to a new location. The strain caused to your muscles can be reduced by using furniture sliders that make it easy to push furniture over the carpet. You won’t need another person’s help!

Note: If you suffer from reduced mobility, you should always seek assistance even when using sliders.

2# Protect your furnishings

The weight of heavy furniture and the increase in friction on carpet surfaces can make it challenging to push furniture over carpet, mark and damage the carpet, and also ruin the furniture legs by making them loose. Designing and furnishing your home is an investment that can create a nice living space for you to live in. So, it is worth protecting that investment by using aids to keep it all looking nice and new.

3# Reusability

Moving pads are a one-off purchase and can be used time and again. When cleaning the living room, they can be quickly and easily placed underneath the sofa so that it can be moved and cleaned behind, allowing you to keep your house spotlessly clean. Or maybe it's time to rearrange the setting of a bedroom! The sliders can be placed underneath the bed so that it can be repositioned easily. Whatever the need, having furniture sliders are a handy solution to keep at home.

Bonus: Furniture sliders also play a fun role to play in the fitness category. Though this is a topic to elaborate about on another day, I’m itching to tell you that you can also use furniture sliders under your hands for wheelbarrow walks! Place a pair of them under your hands and have a partner lift your feet. You won’t even have to move; your partner can get you to reach the finish line! :D

Indeed, the benefits are endless. Just give your kids a packet of these to find more uses. It’ll get their creative juices flowing.

SIMALA is a leading supplier of furniture pads in the UK. One of the most popular and top-rated SIMALA home improvement products sold is the furniture moving pads. SIMALA stocks 89 mm plastic EVA sliders for carpeted surfaces and can be browsed on this site here

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