Nail In Felt Pads To Protect Floors From Furniture Legs

If you are concerned about your hard flooring getting damaged with scratches, or if you can’t stand the scraping noise of chair legs against your beautiful flooring, furniture felt pads with nails are a great way to protect your flooring from marring and scratches and also to reduce the noise.

How Do They Work?

Nail-in furniture feet pads consist of a thin plastic disc, with a nail fixed through the centre of the disc. Hot glue is then applied to the nail head and disc which is then covered with a thick felt layer. This leaves a fitting that can simply be tapped into a furniture leg with a few taps of a mallet.

Common Sizes & Colors

The most common shape is round, and the most common sizes are 19, 20, 24 and 28 mm. The diameter of the nail-in felt does not need to be the exact size of the furniture leg base; it is fine if it is a little smaller. Simply measure the diameter or width of the leg foot to decide the best size to go for. Common colors are brown, black and white plastic discs attached to grey felt.

Move Furniture With Ease

An added advantage of nail-in felt is that they also act as furniture glides. Because the felt is secured firmly to the furniture leg with the nail, there is no possibility of it falling off. With this secure fit and the reduction in friction by the felt, you are able to move your furniture easily.

Top Tips When Installing Nail-In Felt Pads

#1 Centre

Ensure to take the time to mark and install the felt nail in the centre of the furniture leg base. If installed off centre, the felt glide may protrude sideways from the leg base. For round legs, draw horizontal and vertical lines from the widest points, and the centre is where the lines meet. For square or rectangle legs, draw diagonal lines from one corner to the other, and again, the centre point will be where the lines meet.

#2 Use a Mallet

The most common mistake is to use a heavy hammer for installation. Commonly-owned hammers are 8 to 16 oz in weight, and these generate too much force to install a thin steel pin and hence, can cause the felt glide to get damaged. The correct tool to use for installation would be a wooden mallet or a light riveting hammer.


#3 Pilot Hole

If the furniture legs are made from hardwood like teak, it is good to make a pilot hole for easier installation. Check the thickness of the felt nail pin, it may have a diameter of around 1.5 - 1.7 mm in which case you can use a 1 - 1.5 mm drill bit. You may find that with a pilot hole you can push the pin into the wood with a little force of your thumb. Alternatively, you can use a wooden mallet or a light riveting hammer.

SIMALA Nail-In Felt Pads

Are you looking for the best, yet affordable nail-in felt pads? Though it is not easy to choose the best felt pads out there, we can assure you that SIMALA Nail-In Felt Pads will satisfy your needs and more.

SIMALA supplies nail-in furniture felt pads in the most common color and size - brown discs with grey felt, 24 mm in diameter. The felt pad provides a 4 mm thick protection barrier between the leg base and the floor. Due to the thickness of the plastic discs, the furniture is raised 8 mm off the floor surface.

You can browse the selection of SIMALA furniture felt pads on this site or visit our Amazon store for exclusive Amazon deal prices.

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