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If you have ever wondered about how to move heavy furniture on carpet or not sure which furniture glides to use on wood floor, then read to the end to find out.

Furniture gliders allow you to exert less effort when moving furniture makingn them kind to your back! Having a pack handy at home removes the challenge of moving heavy furniture and appliances and lets you move furniture  effortlessly whenever you have the need. You may need to clean behind the sofa, rearrange the setting of furniture, or you may need to swap out your broken washing machine for a new one.

There are different types of furniture gliders for different surfaces, knowing which type to use is must.

Felt Furniture Sliders For Smooth Hard Surfaces

Furniture sliders made from felt are the best furniture sliders for hardwood floors. The felt reduces friction between the object and hard surface making it easy to move the object. For hard surfaces, we also recommend felt sliders for moving heavy furniture and appliances instead of plastic sliders. The problem with plastic sliders over hard surfaces is that they can trap debris between plastic and floor which can result in scratches on floor.

Do Furniture Sliders Work On Carpet

For carpets, gliders made from felt are not suitable as they do not reduce friction. How to move heavy furniture on carpet? Use EVA plastic sliders to move the furniture. The plastic reduces friction enough for you to glide the furniture over carpet whilst the EVA layer acts as a cusion for the furniture leg to embed in. 

How To Slide Furniture On Concrete

The type of furniture sliders for concrete floors can vary depending on the finish of the concrete. If there is a polished finish of the cement or concrete floor then felt sliders will be suitable. If the finsh is not polished then EVA plastic sliders will suitable but bear in mind that that concrete may scratch the plastic on the sliders but you still be able to move the object easily.

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