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Furniture Sliders For Wood, Laminate, Tile & Smooth Hard Surfaces

Furniture Sliders For Wood, Laminate, Tile & Smooth Hard Surfaces

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  • SIMALA - furniture sliders for use on hardwood, laminate, vinyl & tile floors
  • PROTECTION - Felt moving pads will not mar your wooden floors which can be the case with teflon sliders when dirt or debris gets caught underneath them
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - The 12mm thick EVA layer will provide a cushion for your furniture leg to sit in whilst the 4mm thick dense felt layer will reduce friction & your furniture will slide easily and glide quietly
  • EASY TO USE - Simply lift and tilt object & place slider under each corner; Push object to desired location; Tilt & remove sliders.
  • HEAVY DUTY - Suitable for moving furniture, heavy items & appliances

Have you ever felt frustrated when you struggled to move your heavy furniture and on the top of that the new beautiful wooden floors got scratched in the process? This is the solution for you! With these heavy duty felt gliders you will never struggle again and your hardwood floors will remain scratches free.

Do you fancy a change in your Living room layout? You can do it all by yourself using These Special Ultra-Low-Friction Gliders and you will still have plenty of energy left to entertain your friends and family for a party.

UK most popular easy to use set of 4 furniture sliding pads for moving heavy items with ease so you can do the job all by yourself without waiting for help to arrive.

These reusable felt gliders are suitable for all hard surfaces & is all you will need to move all your heavy furniture and appliances with ease whilst protecting your back

These movers will make it easy for you to move your heavy couch, sofas and armchairs allowing you to clean more frequently so you can keep your floors clean and free from dirt and dust so that your home is allergen free.


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